What is Managed Server Hosting?

We always receive the question: what exactly is Managed Server Hosting? Here is our best attempt at answering:

Network & Infrastructure

From tier two datacenter to our routers, from selectively built servers to network cables, from blended bandwidth fiber connections to 24 hour monitoring, reliability is typically a top priority. Your server should be custom built from top quality components. The design of the servers stems from years of tried and tested systems proven to be dependable and reliable – no mass produced white boxes! Generally, the providers will use a blended fiber service from major providers AT & T, Level 3, ELI, XO Communications and Time Warner Telecom means that they are multi-homed and ready to handle all of your server’s traffic needs.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Hosting Services are backed by a 99.9% Network Availability Guarantee. If this guarantee is not met, a set credit will be issued if requested by the customer and verified by the company.