Increase Traffic with StumbleUpon

When it comes to Social Networking, StumbleUpon is a good introduction for a new user.  One of the pushbacks I often hear about social networking is that people don’t really like to “put themselves out there” by telling too much of who they are and trying to find “friends.”  The reason StumbleUpon is a better introduction to social networking for this group is because building a long list of friends is not as important.

A few friends in StumbleUpon are more than enough.  You will want to sign up and build a profile, ALWAYS put in a link or two where people can find you.  And sure, add a friend here and there.

But after the initial start up, its all about the stumble button.

You get the handy tool bar, with several options for stumbling around on the internet, but when you use the stumble button, you are automatically directed over to some site which other users have submitted.  StumbleUpon will automatically deliver qualified traffic as soon as your site is listed.

Let me just pause here for a second though and say this.    In order to get the most use out of StumbleUpon you need to have a blog.  Get used to hearing that, it won’t be the last time I say it!

Now there are three things you need to do in order to effectively use StumbleUpon.

1. Stumble

First, Stumble yourself.  Use the button, and visit some sites you care about.  Then simply mark them as you like it, or not.  Don’t feel like you absolutely have to mark every page you visit, but it never hurts to be active on the site.  You might find yourself some friends that way.  Plus, I have found some fascinating websites using the Stumble button.

Be Warned: It CAN become a time sucker if you are not disciplined.

2. Submit

Submit Websites you find interesting to stumble.  Is it worth it?  Did you find and interesting site?  GREAT Stumble it!  Do you find this post helpful?  Stumble it! (this is probably not a good post for submitting to stumble upon though, because most stumblers already know how it works).

Every once in a while feel free to even submit your own stuff.  But look carefully at the stuff you are submitting and see if you look like a narcissistic, selfish pig.  Do you think you are producing most of the content out there that people care about?  You probably don’t.  Then your submissions should not say otherwise.  

3. Ask others to Stumble you.  

The more reviews and submission you get from other people, the better.  If 20 people click “I Like It” on this page, then StumbleUpon will continue to send me more traffic.  If one person likes and 19 Thumb it down, then that is going to hurt me in StumbleUpon.

So get friends to join Stumble and ask them to thumbs up your stuff too.  Now, remember.  If you and your husband are the only two people ever voting for your blog, that is still going to be a bit fishy.  Even computers are smart enough to see what’s going on.  This is when haveing a larger network in other places can be helpful.  Every couple of weeks I get an email from someone asking me to Stumble something for her.  And you know what?  I almost always do.  If I were getting that same email three times a day I never would.

So on a final note, keep this in mind.  Don’t wear out your friends with cries for help, but don’t be afraid to ask for a quick favor every now and then.