How to pick the best provider for Content Management Systems (CMS)?

There are thousands of technology service providers who claim to deliver the most effective CMS, and ecommerce websites in the Industry at the most competitive prices. Each website is designed to convert visitors to sales and ensure that your website is working 24/7 to make you as much money as possible online. Some even offer: ‘Pay Half Now – Pay Half On Google Top 10 results’ for website builds in partnership with other leading SEO Company. This unique offering ensures that your new website is fully optimised and climbing the Google rankings from Day 1.

The advantage that these service providers provide its clients comes with the partnership with leading SEO companies. Not only do their clients have a highly effective, high converting online store, but it is built in partnership with the most effective SEO from the beginning – something which most websites simply do not have. The result is that their clients are positioned to dominate their sector and most importantly, make money!

It is always important to ensure that the founding partners have at minimum 10 years in top level website development and implementation experience. However, with the rise of ecommerce and the opportunities that it presented SME’s to compete and sell on a national and even international marketplace, providers turned their attention to developing a highly effective and affordable ecommerce packages that would allow SME’s entry into this lucrative sales channel.

CMS providers specialise in building fantastic looking websites that convert more visitors into sales.

The process is simple: they work with you to design and build a website that is irresistible to your target market AND analyse what keywords your potential customers are using to find your products and services. What is unique and different across providers? The best provider will build you a fantastic looking shop that people love to browse and buy from. But that is only half the job. If your shop is then tucked away in a side street in a village, no one will find you.

What makes the best different is that they have the capabilities to put your shop in every high street in every major city across the Globe – the company builds websites that dominate search engine rankings even in the most competitive industries online.

It is good to only: Pay On Results Website Build. The typical package should include:

  • 3 x Logo and Website Designs for you to select from
  • Full CMS (Content Management System) giving you the ability to upload products easily
  • Full payment system and payment gateway set up allowing you to take payment from all major credit and debit cards – we include an SSL certificate for secure and safe shopping for your customers
  • Full order processing
  • Automatic stock control facility
  • Email Marketing facility for you to sell to your customer database again and again
  • Newsletter facility for regular updates to your customer base
  • Full invoice and customer management facility
  • Zoom in and Zoom Out of Images to really help your products sell
  • Multiple product image facility
  • Display Sale Items and Promotions
  • Upsell and Cross Sell facility to ensure maximum spend per sale
  • Customer and Member Registration
  • Upload of 20 products complete with images
  • Set up of up to 5 email accounts
  • Google Analytics installed to track where your visitors are coming from and how they found you

Hope this guide helps you select the right SEO provider that specializes in CMS and advanced web development. Be careful as there are too many scams out there!