Getting Motivated to Pursue your Dreams

Something that has come up lately in conversations is that folks have a hard time getting and staying motivated. Imagine! In an era of Television Propaganda that leads folks to believe you can close your eyes and make money, people working from home sit and dream more than they work.

Last night I re-watched Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone with my son. There is a scene when Harry finds this mirror that reflects your deepest desires. Dumbledore catches him staring at it wishing his parents were still alive. He explains that many men have wasted away in front of that mirror because dwelling on dreams is a poor trade in for living life right now.

Dreams are good.  They can and should motivate us.  But I find that many people simply dream – you can dream in your sleep.  So what we need is a way to envision those dreams and then live life pursuing them.

So, How can You stay Motivated?

Have some vision

The first thing you must have is a dream.  A bit of ancient wisdom says “where there is no vision the people perish.“  Vision is what what you see ahead of you.   What do you see?   Stop for a second and imagine yourself in a year, five, ten.

What do you want out of your business?  Are you working a regular job right now as you are building your business?  When do you hope to quit?  How many web pages do you want to have by this time next year?  How many niche sites?  See it clearly and hold onto that vision.

Know what motivates you

Do some serious soul searching on this one.  You see, we are all wired differently and different things motivate us.  Some of us long for praise, others of us are motivated by fear.

Sometimes  the only thing in the world to make us work harder is more money, but other times money is not a good motivator.  Either you don’t want it enough, or what you really want is the outcome it can bring.  For example, maybe what really motivates you is a debt free life.  Perhaps it is a yacht in the Caribbean.

You need to know exactly what motivates you.  Look into your past at times you have worked really hard to achieve something.  What kept you going through that?   How can you apply that lesson to your current situation.

Remind yourself of your motivation 

If you are motivated to buy a yacht, put a picture of it on your desk.  If you want to pay your kids education to Harvard, put some Harvard pictures and a picture of a Harvard professor you admire on your desk.  Remind yourself everyday in easy and practical ways what you are after.

When the rubber hits the road and our businesses start to get a little bit difficult to run, our first impulse can be to curl up in the fetal position on the floor.  Since we are more refined than that our default is a beer and television, but it’s the same thing.

If you are looking at a photo of your motivation it will be harder to leave that desk for the Lay-Z-Boy.

Finally, Persevere –

I have said this before, but it bears repeating again and again.  When it seems hard and you just don’t know if you can do it.  Keep doing it anyway.

I am told that Navy Seals in training spend more than twenty-four hours a time in the water.  They either make it or they’re out.  The success rate is very low, but the people who become seals have done so because they kept going even when they were certain they were going to die.  Because they continued they proved to themselves that they could do it.  They will now be much more successful in the field because they realize how much they are capable of.

If you give up in the hard times you will never know what you are capable of, and your motivation to persevere will be even lower next time around.