Are you Valuable Enough to Succeed?

“Try not to become a man of success,
but rather try to become a man of value” ~Albert Einstein

Hi All! It’s time to remind ourselves again what success really is an how to achieve it.

I began with this quote from Einstein because it says pretty much everything I want to point out.  The other day I saw an episode of The Simpsons.  At one point Mr Burns is shocked because he notices another millionaire who is happy!   I believe his words were, “His money has actually purchased happiness for him, Smithers!”

You are probably self employed because you hope that you will be able to earn enough money to buy happiness.  And if you are an American, there is an 80 percent chance that you measure success by the size of your bank book.

are you valuable enough

I hope that on your better days you realize that money really doesn’t buy happiness and success is more than something that superficial.

Let’s turn again to the Time Magazine’s man of the 20th century Albert Einstein.  Most of us are out searching for success – however we might define that.  He is one of the most intelligent people who ever lived.  You see what he said about it?  He thought maybe it was better to become a man of value!

What might it look like to become a man or woman of value today? And how would that translate to success?

Being a person of value takes integrity

Integrity means doing what you believe is right no matter who knows about it.  This medium we call the internet provides a good bit of anonymity.  It is tempting to use that anonymity to hide behind a website full of lies.  You might do this because it can earn more money.  Maybe it’s because the image your put out there is what you hope to be (after you start hiring and build an office building), or maybe you were just beat up in high school and you need an ego boost.

Whatever your reason for NOT having integrity, this is not the way to become a person of value.  In order to do that you need to pursue integrity.  If you are honest about who you are and what you do, it will be a more attractive quality and you will actually see better results.

No one wants to do business with a big business, they want to do business with someone they can trust.

Which are you?

Being a person of value takes humility

Humility is more than modesty.  In fact modesty can be the opposite of humility if you don’t know yourself well.  Humility means you don’t think of yourself. It does not mean you think LITTLE of yourself, it means you don’t think of yourself!

Sometimes I get emails from folks about some thing or another that they want to do and if it will help to do this or that.  Most of the time I try not to ask myself “what’s in it for me?”  I just help.  Now sure, sometimes I do ask that … but don’t let my failure of humility serve as a reason not to pursue it!

You see, when you don’t think of yourself so much (and instead think of others) other people see this and are attracted to it!  People want to do business with with someone who clearly cares about them.

Do you really care about others or are you just worried about yourself?  If you aren’t sure, ask the people you deal with…they know.

Being a Person of value means you help others

What does “value” mean if not worth?  Are you “worth” something to others or do you actually cost them more than you benefit?  Are you an asset or a liability?

Many people I deal with seem to be preoccupied with self, often lying about who they are, and rarely benefiting those around them at all.   Yet, sometimes I do indeed find those who I consider to be “people of value.”  These are the ones I turn to when I need something, and always look for every opportunity to return the favor.

Benefit other people today, train yourself and seek to be a person of value.  If you succeed at this, success in every area will be right behind you!