6+ Best Online Schedule Maker for your Employees

Manage Your Staff Effortlessly: A List of the Best Online Employee Scheduling Makers

Online schedule maker

Are you looking for software that will help you to manage the working time of your staff efficiently and effortlessly? Do you want a virtual assistant that will substantially reduce the time and effort you put into organization and management? Then you’re on the right post. We’ve come up with a list of the top software that will help you in doing so; you just need to determine which suits that meets your needs the best.



ShiftPlanning is an application that makes every manager’s work easier by scheduling the employees’ working hours painlessly and at the touch of a mouse click. It will spare both the employer’s and his attendants’ time with a fast, efficient control of time.

Key features:

– Easy monitoring of time and productivity
– Storing of all information in one place
– Error-free management of working hours

You can use it to monitor employees’ desktops while they perform work which yields the best productivity rates. Another excellent feature is the command of human resources; you can manage your staff’s training, holidays and store all of the HR documents neatly in one place.

To avoid any chance of error when paying the employees, you can use the Payroll feature which allows you to create timetables that handle the payment in such manner that no one gets underpaid or overpaid.



The next contestant in time management apps for work is ZoomShift. Hourly hiring can induce a strong headache when you don’t have the right means of control. This mobile-friendly shift schedule maker will allow you to control your employees’ whenever and wherever you are.

Manage shifts, timesheets, shift swaps and much more with it. Small and large business owners endorse it because it relieves them the stress of planning everything over and over again. With a tradition of almost 5 years, you’re ensured to receive the best time managing software online.

Key features:

– Effortless and convenient time management
– Access to the working schedule on the go
– Best user experience and interface backed by years-long tradition

ZoomShift is used by countless business owners which include cafes & coffee shops, retail stores, restaurants & bars, bakeries, hotels, theaters, etc. Many content marketers and internet entrepreneurs use it also to manage and control their staff adequately.



As the name itself already suggests, Planday is yet another application for time management and scheduling. With it, the painstaking process of planning is reduced down to a mere few clicks in the user interface.

Aside from fast and hassle-free scheduling, it provides a simple but extremely useful online time clock which displays different time zones in an intuitive and clear manner along with the employees’ time spent working. As its previous rivals, it too has an integration of the payroll system, with an extensive overview and data on export/import. Together with the comprehensive but accessible analytics system, you’re given insight in all of the processes that are happening with your staff.

Key features:

– Thorough reporting and analytics
– Integrated payroll system
– Safe handling and data protection with Cisco firewalls

Straightforward team communication via the push notifications, SMS and bulletin boards is offered in the application too. If any confusion arises, customer support team is accessible at all times for any inquiries regarding the Planday software.



The next one on our list of work schedule makers is Hotschedules. This one is specially designed for restaurants and similar businesses. As its packed with a great number of useful characteristics, this software is indispensable for modern restaurants.

Not only that it allows you to manage time more efficiently, but it also provides opportunities for hiring and training your staff. It contains shift-to-shift communication, manager approved shift swaps, an online logbook of activities, Wi-Fi temperature monitoring system and much more. With an incorporated list of courses, 20 of them, your employees can work and improve themselves daily.

Key features:

– Specialized for restaurants and others similar businesses
– Allows recruitment and training of the staff with 20 free training courses
– Packed with useful integrations such as the Wi-Fi temperature control

A mobile-friendly version of the app will provide you with information on the go making it a useful online scheduling maker. Recipe management is also a neat feature which allows you to mix ingredients, set pricing, manage menus, and calculate profit.



Mitigate some of your managerial functions with this workforce automation tool. Endorsed by Honda, tecsol, INDRAPRASTHA, this application serves as an excellent choice in time and attendance management.

With over 5000 satisfied employees and employers, the cloud based ClockIt will surely lessen the time and effort you need to input to manage your staff efficiently. It measures Daily Time Performance Index, Attendance Percentages, GEO Location, etc. It also tracks the location of the employees with mobile GPS. Extensive analyses and yearly graphs serve for performance tracking.

Key features:

– Biometric fingerprint scanner with GPS tracking
– Automated Emails and reports
– Supported by all mobile phone operation systems

Supported by both Android and iOS you are ensured to have full mobility with this app. Via the automated emails system, the employer receives all the information and data that was collected on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. With more than 10 years of experience, free updates, customer support team – you receive only the top software for your business.



The last but not least is the WhenToWork shift schedule maker. It is an online employee scheduling service which can be accessible by any device that supports the internet. With it, you can create varied or repeat schedules weekly, edit and copy templates. Drag and drop interface makes it easy for everyone to use.

With free mobile apps, you can log in to your account wherever you are and check the performance of the staff. Schedules are supported by the Google and Outlook calendars. Employee Tradeboard allows shift swaps and pickups. Notifications are sent whenever changes are made. Employee schedules are fluid; they can request time off, pickup open shifts which leads to mutual satisfaction.

Key features:

– Professional time scheduling, used by hospitals, universities, colleges, the Subway, police departments
– Applications supported by all mobile phone platforms
– Fluid shifts, easy shift trading, time off, picking up open shifts

Fast customer service is provided, which will answer all your queries. With 15 years of experience, having been used in countless organizations and businesses, you are ensured to receive only the premium software for efficient and painless time management. It also comes with a free trial.